Total Eye Therapy

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Formulated with All-trans-Retinol and 90% green tea polyphenols, this ultra-moisturizing cream targets fine lines, dark circles and puffiness to achieve smoother, firmer skin around the delicate eye area.


    • All-trans-Retinol at the appropriate level for the delicate eye area helps increase firmness and elasticity
    • Niacinamide smooths skin and helps brighten discoloration
    • Fractionated Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates and seals moisture in, plumping visible lines and wrinkles
    • Ceramide & Peptide Complex nourishes and tightens skin, reducing the appearance of bags and dark circles
    • Caffeine USP, Arnica & Vitamin K help to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness

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    1. erika

      I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! As a working mom and a physician, I have struggled with dark circles, wrinkles and exhaustion—this eye cream totally fixed the first two! The puffiness is so much better, and I definitely feel younger after using this. Total must-have if you struggle with the same things I do. This product is amazing!

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    Formulated to address the look of undereye dark circles, puffiness, lines and discoloration.

    Directions for Use:

    Using one full pump for both eyes, apply under eye, to crows-feet and around the orbital bone twice daily.

    Recommended Skin Types:

    All skin types.

    Key Ingredients:

    • All-trans-Retinol
    • Niacinamide
    • Fractionated Hyaluronic Acid
    • Caffeine USP
    • Ceramide NG
    • Green Tea Polyphenols
    • Ascorbic Acid
    • Arnica
    • Vitamin K

    Ingredient Details

    • All-trans-Retinol
      Optimally dosed for the delicate eye area, helping to increase visible firmness and elasticity.
    • Hyaluronic Acid
      Penetrating humectant deeply hydrates and locks in moisture on skin’s surface, helping to plump lines, wrinkles and replenish the skin barrier.
    • Peptide/Ceramide Complex
      Synergistic combination nourishes the skin barrier while tightening the skin, visibly reducing under-eye bags and improving the look of dark circles.
    • Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)
      Supports a brighter, collagen-rich skin appearance, promoting healthy skin texture and tone.
    • Green Tea Polyphenols, Vitamins C & E, Emblica
      Synergistic brightening antioxidant combination soothes skin, minimizes the appearance of redness or irritation, and protects skin from harmful free radicals.
    • Caffeine USP, Arnica & Vitamin K
      Optimal combination of micro-circulation ingredients help reduce the appearance of discoloration and puffiness.

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