Rapid Reveal Exfoliation Pads

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These glycolic acid pads are convenient and easy-to-use as they gently exfoliate, moisturize and assist in the removal of excess oil and residue on the skin. The product also contains antioxidants to deliver additional skin enhancement benefits.


    • Glycolic Acid at a pH of 4.0 gently exfoliates dead and dull skin cells
    • Witch Hazel, an astringent, helps to reduce surface oil and refine pore size
    • Vitamins A-C-E, Green Tea and Co-Q10 nourish and calm the skin.

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    Formulated to improve and slow the advancement of visible aging.

    Directions for Use:

    In the evening, on clean skin, use front and back of pad to treat the desired areas. Start by applying 2-3x per week, and gradually increasing as tolerated.

    Recommended Skin Types:

    All skin types, especially oily and combination.

    Key Ingredients:

    • Glycolic Acid
    • Vitamins A-C-E
    • Co-Q10
    • Witch Hazel
    • Green Tea Extract

    Ingredient Details

    • Glycolic Acid 10%, 15%
      Pharmaceutical-grade, alpha hydroxy acid supports cellular renewal by exfoliating and removing dead cell layers of the stratum corneum and helps maintain balanced moisture levels within the skin.
    • Retinyl Palmitate
      Gentle Vitamin A derivative that provides mild exfoliation to unclog pores and promote cell turnover, while visibly thickening the dermis to slow the formation of lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.
    • Witch Hazel
      Alcohol-free botanical that helps remove excess oil on skin’s surface, tightens the look of pores and soothes the skin for a more even-looking skin tone.
    • Liposome Encapsulated Vitamins A-C-E, Co-Q10
      Effectively delivers nutrients to the skin and provides antioxidant protection from free radical induced skin damage.